Tiny Notes

Tiny Notes is a note taking app that allows you to share your writing in .json format.

The Challenge

Introduce novel ways for users to interact with notes that are not already established in common note taking applications.

The Outcome

A note taking app with a simple interface that highlights the note's content. Using universally recognized iconography to help facilitate users with novel interactions.


Brainstorming and Prototyping

Brainstorming sketches of tinynot.es.
Sketch of the tinynot.es user interface.
Notes of the iconography of tinynot.es.

What are notes?

A note consists of text. There are two types of notes, public and private. Public notes can be viewed via .json by anyone who has the note url. Private notes are only accessible to the creator. Both public and private notes can only be edited by the creator.

An Editor Designed for Multitasking

According to Adweek, 81% of Americans use their smartphone while engaging in other media. This information further supported the need for writing to be easy.


Notes save automatically. Eliminating the need to save allows the user to focus on writing.

No Required Fields

Requiring fields would hinder the writing experience. No fields are required, which enables users to write at their own pace.

Interactions that can be completed in two taps

  • Create a note.
  • Make note public or private.
  • View note.
  • View note in .json format.
Mobile version of the tinynot.es application.

Desktop Application

All notes page of Tiny Notes..
Tiny Notes text editor page..
Account settings page of Tiny Notes..

Color Palette


Typography for the tinynot.es application.

The motivation beind this application came out out of my desire to have a clean space to write, and make those writings publicly accessible.

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