Veronica is a chatbot that can text you the news.

The Challenge

Create a chatbot that will text the latest news from various sources.

The Outcome

A chatbot that will text headlines and articles. News sources vary based on the command sent to Veronica.

Watch a short preview.

Brainstorming and Prototyping

Drawing a control flow graph yielded the established series of actions. There were a total of two outcomes, either the API call succedded or failed. The content of the text message was determined by the outcome of the API call.



Determining what to send

The original intention was to have Veronica only respond with the article's headline. Upon further investigation, headlines did not communicate enough value. Sending the headline along with the article link was the proper solution. This enabled Veronica to transfer a short description while also giving the user the option to read more.

Examples of commands

  • Bloomberg, bloomberg
  • Buzzfeed, buzzfeed
  • CNBC, cnbc
  • CNN, cnn
  • ESPN, espn
  • Hacker News, hacker-news
  • Mashable, mashable
  • The Economist, the-economist
  • The New York Times, the-new-york-times
  • The Wall Street Journal, the-wall-street-journal
  • Time, time
  • USA Today, usa-today

The desire to build Veronica came from wanting to get news without an app. If you want the latest news, just text CNN, Time, or something else to (321) 233-9118

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